The reimagined mystery of Loch Ness can now be explored at The Loch Ness Project in Scotland (re-opened June 2023). The old Drumnadrochit Hotel is home to a series of eight exhibition spaces that delve into the depths and secrets of the loch, the myths and legends of the wild highlands, the media frenzy of the monster and the science and possibilities. The experience ends in a debate in which you get to decide your truth of the Loch Ness Monster … Nessie or not?!

Working with the brilliant design team at Form AtLarge, the client team of Continuum Attractions and the naturalist Adrian Shine who holds more than 40 years’ experience of researching the loch, I helped to redevelop the visitor experience and flow, form the storyline for each exhibition space, and created scripts and direction for AV development – ensuring that the content was accurate but also accessible and fun for a family audience. The excellent Scottish tones of David Tennant take visitors on this exciting journey so I like to think of myself as his scriptwriter 😉

Images from Form AtLarge with thanks