Turning 20+ years of experience in visitor centre management, interpretation planning and exhibition design/delivery into freelance support to help others achieve excellence in visitor experience with every graphic panel, multimedia exhibit, exhibition gallery, bird hide and boardwalk.
**Covid-19 Recovery**

Do you want help to support a heritage/ museum/ visitor centre/ attraction recover? Or do you want to modify existing exhibits or re-interpret content in a more covid-safe way for the short-, medium- or longer term? We can help! Contact us: hello@zebraproof.uk and we’ll be happy to chat through ideas for welcoming visitors back to your site.

Zebraproof – copy writing, editing and proofreading

A fine attention to detail applied to your black on white content. Copy writing, editing and proofreading of any length from a tweet to a thesis, including natural history and heritage interpretation, scientific papers, newsletters, novels and anything else…

Zebraproof – interpretation planning, design and management

We can add colour and creativity to interpretation planning and design, to engage a range of audiences, for natural history and heritage sites, museums, science centres, zoos and wildlife parks, or anything else…

Zebraproof – robust, bespoke, affordable interactive exhibit design

Working with the team at W19 Design, we can provide you with childproof (or zebraproof!) interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences for zoos, museums, visitor centres, heritage sites, science centres, or anywhere else…

Contact: hello@zebraproof.uk

LinkedIn: marie-banks-zebraproof

Twitter: @zebraproof

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