As the current News Coordinator (since September 2016) for Interpret Europe – the European Association for Heritage Interpretation, I edit, proofread and typeset news stories from Interpret Europe (IE) members from around 40 countries for inclusion in quarterly newsletters.
IE Newsletter Winter 2018IE newsletter - Spring 2018

The role also includes proofreading and editing of conference materials, publications and related communications for annual international conferences and events, such as that hosted in Belgium by Herita (2016), in the Czech Republic by SIMID – the Czech Association for Heritage Interpretation (2017) and in Hungary by KÖME – the Hungarian Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (2018). This includes acting as a native English speaking proofreader for authors for whom English is not their first language. Click on the images below to view the conference proceedings or here to see all Interpret Europe materials.

IE Prague 2017 proceedingsIE Koszeg 2018 proceedings