The visitor centre for the Colne Valley Regional Park sits within Denham Country Park, on the outskirts of London, and needs to operate on two levels – providing access and activity information for visitors to Denham and their day out in the immediate surroundings, as well as providing a gateway to the wider regional park, its wildlife, history, culture and activities that may be happening further away.

Together with W19 Design, we helped to prioritise use of the small space and zone the information for the wider Colne Valley, Denham Country Park and an area that could serve as a small shop counter. With the limited budget, the approach was largely graphic-based but we included a versatile interactive exhibit for visitors to search maps and walking trails, watch videos of the local and wider area, and view a selection of wildlife photos with relevant audio. The exhibit can be updated by staff as needs arise and a set of poster frames allows for display of upcoming events. A range of custom shelving and leaflet displays helps to order the types of leaflet and map available.